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About Us

John Keells Stock Brokers, has consistently risen above its competitors as a result of its reputation and strength. It currently enjoys the position of being one of the leading brokerage houses in Sri Lanka. The company’s business activities span the areas of Equity Brokerage and Financial Advisory. We also work closely with JK Capital in building deal flow and undertaking equity placements on investment banking transactions. The companies are subsidiaries of John Keells Holdings PLC (JKH), the largest listed conglomerate in the country with a AAA (Sri) Rating from Fitch Ratings.

With years of experience in the equity dealing field, JKSB has developed a large and balanced client base of foreign, institutional and retail investors. Active participation in the growth of the country’s equity market for a substantial period of time has enabled the company to sustain a network of key players in the country’s capital market.

The company has the distinction of handling a number of the largest and most significant transactions recorded in the history of the Colombo Stock Exchange. Its senior management has an average of 15 years of experience in equity trading. The sales team’s ability to work closely with clients and our placement and order sourcing capability are unmatched in the industry.

John Keells Stock Brokers is supported by a comprehensive research unit which offers country, sector and company specific data along with other value added services. JKSB has cultivated strong ties with all custodian banks in the country. The company also provides clients with online trading and market watch facilities.

JKSB is poised to strengthen its scope and service even further in the future.